Music Reviews Not Always Objective

hose who write music reviews are almost always music lovers, and they will often listen to a piece of music again and again to discover all the nuances and sensations the piece can offer. Depending on the music reviewer, their opinions may or not be objective.

Music reviewers are in the business of rating music, and sometimes a music review will contain a comparison of songs or albums to an artist’s previous releases. A music review may contain the writer’s opinion on whether or not the piece will be a hit or a flop, whether it is worth the asking price, and whether or not the artists should expect to have longevity in the music business.

Often, the professional music reviewer will specialize in reviewing music that is of a particular genre. For instance, those with expertise in classical music will not usually spend much time listening to and reviewing hip-hop music. Nor would an expert in folk music be qualified to review a punk rock concert. However, some music reviewers are true music lovers with a deep level of sophistication and appreciation for all kinds of music. Those who truly understand that music is an artistic expression should be able to judge the music on its own merit, and form an objective opinion.

Sometimes a music reviewer will be required to give an unbiased opinion, even if the reviewer does not personally care for the piece. If the reviewer feels that there is some audience for the piece and it deserves a good review, the objective reviewer with experience and good sense can set aside his personal preferences and honor the piece with an honest review.

Artists and producers can submit their work for consideration to magazines, newspapers, movies, television, books, and even the Internet. The confident musician might submit their music to selected reviewers with a targeted audience of readers. You may petition as many music reviewers as you see fit, but you must understand that artists cannot control the music reviewing process. While a good music review can significantly boost the artist’s career, the musician should be prepared to accept the consequences if the piece does not ultimately receive a positive review.

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